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Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho (PERSI)

The Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho. This is your pension plan provided by the State of Idaho. You and your employer make contributions to PERSI to fund your retirement and related benefits. PERSI also offers a 401(k) plan through which you may voluntarily save for the future.

  • PERSI Base Plan
    This is your traditional pension plan. Over the years, your pension may very well become one of your most valuable financial assets. The longer you work for the State, the greater your PERSI benefits.
  • PERSI Choice Plan 401(k)
    This is a voluntary 401(k) savings plan. You may contribute 1% to 100% of your pretax salary to save for retirement. The 401(k) also allows loans to yourself should you need or wish to make withdrawals while working. With the 401(k), you pay no administrative fees while you are working.
  • Additional PERSI Member Benefits
    In addition to your pension, PERSI also provides Disability Retirement, Death Benefits, Separation Benefits, and Gain Sharing.

Deferred Compensation and the 457 Plan

This voluntary 457 savings plan, administered by Nationwide Retirement Solutions (NRS) (formerly, PEBSCO), allows you to make pre-tax contributions to save for retirement.


Idaho College Savings Program

The Idaho College Savings Program (IDeal), offered through the State of Idaho, provides families with an affordable way to save for college.

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