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Paid Parental Leave

The Paid Parental Leave policy is accessible through the link above and DHR’s Statutes, Rules, and Policies page.


State employee insurance information is accessible through the Department of Administration- Office of Group Insurance.

Retirement and Savings

Retirement benefits information is accessible through PERSI, Idaho’s Public Employee Retirement System.

Life Changes and Events

As life continually changes, this Life Events section of the Employee Portal has been created to help guide State Employees through the experience. 

Work Changes and Events

This page guides State Employees through work-related changes.

EAP Flyers

Life can be stressful. An Employee Assistance Program, or EAP, provides confidential, short-term counseling services for benefit-eligible employees and their dependents to help them handle concerns constructively before they become major issues.

Holidays and Leave information is accessible through the drop-down box below and DHR’s Statutes, Rules, and Policies page.

Controller’s Office

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State Employee Search

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